Welcome to the largest free webring on earth for shortcuts to wealth and success with Mr Shortcut

Welcome to the largest free webring on earth regarding shortcuts to success,
connecting thousands of pages created by a single pair of hands.

In every walk of life there is a top ten percent. These thousands of pages are all dedicated to you, with the intent of coaching tens of thousands of people to personal success and wealth, at no charge, in the expectation that most will take a portion of their new wealth to feed those who have been unable to feed themselves. Fair enough?     No strings, no charge.     Go ahead, feed somebody;   it feels good.  

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This is the largest ring of websites on earth regarding shortcuts to success in any and every human endeavor. How to succeed, how to win, are nothing more or less than using excellent vehicles for attain them. Masters and Millionaires are the best possible source of information, simply because they are the horse's mouth. has no commercial offerings beyond the mandatory banners.

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Not maintaining flexibility, not only to great success shortcuts, but to all thinking, hinders your growth to excellence.
Any fair examination of thousands and thousands of masters and champions reveals persistent mental flexibility.
Mental flexibility near-autonomically translates into physical, spiritual, and financial flexibility that serves well.
  It is only when your mind remains flexible, considering free of opinions, that the brain grows, and healthily.  
the primary, acute underlying point is far more critical to your life, your health, your wealth, and more.
ALL who win big, depending on whether they are first, or followers, develop the great shortcuts.
there are no exceptions to this rule, making it that much more reliably profitable for YOU!!
Always begin with recipes created by earlier masters, millionaires, true champions.
thEN innovate and add your own experience and knowledge, little or great.
this is easily among the most powerful shortcuts we will ever know.

Rather than YOU being the first to tread a specific given path,
do you not prefer to first take a look at those who came first?

Even modest examples of this produce enormous results, and, not infrequently, big, life-changing results.
Two people aiming for the same job, one has greater knowledge and experience, and poor social skills.
What engenders and justifies use of the word 'poor' is the simple game-changing lack of eye contact.
How stupid can any of us be, going to a any kind of interview, exchanging no meaningful contact?
If you cannot look into someone's eyes, you are most unlikely to be on any typical success track.
Put these next pieces of information into your pocket, into your consideration of big shortcuts.
Non-verbal communication has several times the influence of impact of the words we utter.
this is a shortcut, it is a shortcut so easy to execute that kids master it at very young ages

Are you seriously going to allow children to routinely out-perform you?
Here your life is whizzing past at the fantastic rate of 1,440 minutes per day, so fast you barefly notice it,
until years and years go by and you say, "Gee, high school seems to be as if it were just a few months ago."
Children understand the value and power of eye contact, and other non-verbal communications. Imitate them!
Sure, it would be better if you simply tapped into memories of your own childhood, when YOU used this shortcut.
Since you are not, it suggests that your memories of using it must be weak, and faded, relegated onto a back burner.
So, for the shortcut you perhaps first embrace today, maybe for the first time in too many years of middling efforts,
today you consciously adopt, absorb into your mind and thinking, the profitability of non-verbal communication.

When you are speaking to someone, look them straight in the eye, assertively if you wish, not aggressively.
Whether you are face to face or on the phone, smiling is the single most common super-power of shortcuts.
People can hear a smile over the telephone, the differences in what comes from your mouth are enormous.
Even right now, hold a paper in front of your face as you speak one loud sentence, with and without smiling.
Can you HEAR the profundity of difference between speaking with a smile and without a smile, EVEN FAKED?
Yes, that's correct! Put a completely fake smile on your face as you call out what the sentence is, and listen.
Now, state that same sentence aloud without the smile. Even a fake smile is better than a real frown, ey?
this is a shortcut, a high-powered, help-you-change-your-life-forever kind of shortcut, used by masters.

If you know more than masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, can you show us you do?

Monsignor Bernard Kellogg was a funny, brilliant, rare servant of humanity, and he said it best:
What you do speaks so loudly that you need not flap your lips at us."

Shortcuts for losers who aim to be big winners,
shortcuts for those who will host the finest dinners.

A shortcut will marry the secrets that truly carry,
the loser and sinner to become a five-time winner.
A shortcut can change all the results you have obtained,
when a shortcut is what you are determined to exchange.
All the golden ways are subsumed within that minute,
when you use effective shortcuts, so you can win it.

Winners And Champions Give Us The Greatest Shortcuts

Who ELSE Would You Propose We Imitate,
if not the people who repeatedly do it better?

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Not only are you surrounded by success shortcuts already being used by masters and millionaires and champions,
you have the preciously uncommon trait and function called "choice." You can choose to focus on what's wrong.
or you can focus on what needs to be done to fix what's wrong. Surely you can guess how well each ends up?

Count the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires YOU have access to.
Odds are, there are more in your proximity than you may realize. Many are inclined to help others.
A bit part of that is because they didn't get there on their own, they had help, when they showed hunger.

Who asks more times,
hears more "Yesses"
Of course, few people have more than a modest clue what they want,
other than silly choices advertisers present omnipresently, endlessly.

Why not choose better choices for yourself?
You know so MANY shortcuts already!
How about using more?